About HMP

For every need a fitting solution

HMP has been making tailor made moulds for years, a partner you can rely on. Over many years we have built up successful, long term relationships with large and small companies. We have formed a vision, based on our experience in the past, with which we structure the process of making moulds.

We approach the making of moulds from several angles. Aside from mould making we also distinguish ourselves with our expertise in several disciplines.

Product development, Prototype Building and Test Spraying enable us to greatly increase involvement in the project. Your advantage as our customer is that together with us you can take on the entire development process.

Our broad experience in manufacturing moulds enable us to handle projects for plastic, rubber and aluminium products in large and small series. By being able to manufacture everything from simple test moulds to multiple incredibly complex moulds, we have a fitting solution for every need.

Product Development and Prototype Building

Based on our technical expertise with moulds we can advise you on the possibilities and limitations in the design of the product to be developed. At the same time we have the expertise to develop your product ideas from a technical point of view into a good injection mould or die-cast product. 

By making a test mould at an early stage the product can be judged on appearance and functionality. Test moulds can be produced at low cost and with a short lead time and subsequently sprayed to any desired colour, in house.

The Newest 3D CAD Technologies

Moulds are constructed in accordance with customer specifications using the newest 3D CAD technology. Our drawing office is busy nonstop with a variety of moulds.
Starting with the customer’s specifications and our own standards it is tested against all specific requirements from the word go. The customer is continuously involved in the development of his mould in this phase: A design that fulfils the qualitative wishes/requirements of the customer is developed.
After approval of the mould design the constructor prepares models and drawings for manufacture.

Better, Faster and More Innovative

Having disposal over super modern highly automated machinery the moulds are produced as efficiently as possible.
Our departments are always taking on the challenge to work better, quicker and more innovatively. Investing in this goal has never formed a hurdle. We have a team of professionals, experts that guarantee achieving the required quality.

Having all the processes in house and the right mentality we are able to quickly respond to the needs of our customers.

High Quality Due to Internal Test Room

Our range of injection moulding equipment enables us to test our moulds ourselves before they go to the customer. This expertise enables us to provide our customers with a properly working mould with which he can immediately start production.
High test injection moulding, production interruptions and unforeseen transport costs are not necessary.  

The experience and injection moulding expertise at Hendrikx Matrijzen en Prototypen B.V. is continuously fed back into the process of new moulds.  This experience enables us to participate at an early stage with advice and ideas as an active partner for our customers. Our goal being to efficiently achieve a quality product.

Our Customer at the Centre

Hendrikx Matrijzen en Prototypen BV is structured to be of optimal service to our customers. With an extensive ERP package projects are managed and streamlined. With this information the customer is also maximally involved in the progress of his mould.

Hendrikx Matrijzen en Prototypen likes to get involved as early on as possible in a project. This enables us to bring the project to fruition together with our customer.
The point of departure is that a good design must lead to cost controls in the production process. Being able to develop, make the mould and test it in house we are able to manage the process with our clients from product design to production.