About HMI

With HMI being part of the Hendrikx group we can offer the possibility of providing complete moulds or processing abroad. With our knowledge of moulds and injection moulding we can offer perfect supervision. Our team of specialists takes care of everything for you in tendering the moulds.


In recent years we have noticed that our customers have an increased need to have certain mould projects supervised in Asia. There is often a lack of sufficient expertise and insight into mould making to successfully round off projects and to successfully have them produced in the Netherlands.


In response to the above need we have entered into a cooperation agreement with the company Brisk Kumet.
This company is specialised in supervising the production of quality moulds in Asia. With a regular team, operating from Guangzhou we have continuous control of the current projects.


If a mould must be completed within a certain time frame or budget then we can provide the advice to have the mould produced in China.
Our engineers will then determine if we can provide the required guarantees for the mould. When the mould arrives in the Netherlands it is checked in Oisterwijk. During the inspection the mould is disassembled, checked and reassembled. Once this is done then a test sample injection moulding is made and inspected. Once approved it is sent to our customer.

Project Management

Our projects are managed by experienced Dutch project managers with extensive experience in mould production. The project manager is responsible for the supervision, technical analysis and contact with our customers.