About Us

The Hendrikx Matrijzen Group is an industrial enterprise that has specialised in the development, production, maintenance and sales of moulds for more than 25 years. 

In the initial years, after being founded in 1987, by Henri Hendrikx, Hendrikx Matrijzen developed into a reliable mould maker. The last 15 years saw the mould market change from a national/regional market to a global one. By anticipating this changing market correctly and at the right time Hendrikx Matrijzen managed to appropriate a substantial position in this market.

The changing market means that we continually need to adapt in order to be able to continue to satisfy the requirements of our customers. Through the years our organisation, methods and product range has therefore vastly changed.

From a small operator we have grown into the role of conceptual partner in the chain from product development to maintenance and service. This has resulted in the formation of 3 divisions in our group:

  • New moulds and prototype production (HMP)
  • Mould importing (HMI)
  • Mould maintenance, repair and modification (HMS)


This division puts our customers in focus and makes it possible to provide optimal service. In this way we can ensure that our cooperation yields a maximum return provides a high level of service.

The Hendrikx Group has a flat organisational structure with short lines of communication. A no-nonsense culture prevails in which informal, personal and open communication predominates. The company culture is characterised by a common goal.

This unique concept of our companies has created a strong team the guarantees continuity and flexibility.

Considering the process of mould making and the continuously changing market we have a concept with which we can provide our customers with the best solutions, starting with initial idea with guidance and supervision up to production.