Dutch Quality Guarantee

The division of the HMG Group into specialisations has created a structure in which we can provide optimal service and the best solutions for customers. 

We do this by focussing our attention on quality and service. The high quality of our moulds is the result of SMART engineering:

SMART Engineering

• Tailor-made moulds

• SMART specs

• Dutch engineering team (more than 25 years' experience and close by)

• Optimal price/quality ratio

• Conceptual partner in the conceptual phase

Using the tested SMART method HMG  can guarantee the quality of its moulds, which is why we can give them a standard guarantee: the Dutch Quality Warranty; an international name for an all Dutch quality guarantee.

The guarantee naturally also entails service; if a mould needs to be modified or repaired then you can rest assured that our own service team will quickly be there to help you. This is part of our after-sales service:


• Own service team

• Standby repair service

• Periodic maintenance

• Very flexible capacity